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About Ninox

Established in 2014, Ninox Leathercraft is a Hong Kong-based artisanal brand that specializes in handmade and hand-stitched leather goods. Our designs prioritize practicality and aim to enhance everyday items with color and style. Our products were featured at local markets such as JCCAC Market, Handmade Market, and mha Creative Market. Furthermore, we are passionate about sharing our craft with the next generation and have conducted workshops in secondary schools to inspire young students.

Ninox Leathercraft 建立於2014年,是香港本地手作品牌。我們的皮具產品都是全人手製造,以簡單實用設計為主,加上不同顏色的配搭,讓沉悶的生活必需品增添一份美感。我們曾於JCCAC市集、手創市集及mha創意墟等不同的本地市集擺賣,亦曾於中學教授皮革班。

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Our leather products are made from high-quality Italian full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Full-grain leather is the top layer of the hide, which has breathable and durable properties. It also retains the natural texture and unique characteristics of the leather, allowing us to create one-of-a-kind leather goods. This is the most valuable and highest quality leather available.

我們採用意大利頭層全粒面植鞣牛革(Italian full grain vegetable-tanned leather)。真皮之中有分不同皮層,當中以頭層皮的價值為最高。頭層皮革是皮層中的最表層,具有透氣及耐磨的特質。而全粒面頭層皮革則保留皮革上的天然紋路,可以製作出獨一無二的皮具。

Italian Buttero Leather

The world famous Buttero from Conceria Walpier in Tuscany region of Italy is 100% pure vegetable tanned leather produced on full grain shoulders. It is available in a great range of both vibrant and traditional shades, ageing gracefully throughout its life. Buttero has a smooth and matt surface and a medium-to-firm temper, which is suitable for making belts, handbags and other leathergoods.

世界著名的Buttero皮革來自意大利托斯卡納地區的Conceria Walpier皮廠,是100%植物鞣製而成的全粒面牛肩部皮革 ,有不同色調可供選擇。隨著使用時間增長,Buttero皮革會逐漸變得光滑,老化過程亦使皮具變得更加有味道。 Buttero具有光滑的啞光表面和中等至堅硬的質感,適合製作皮帶,手提包和其他皮革製品。

Other Premium Leather

We also have other high-quality imported leathers to choose from, such as Japanese and British cordovan leather. Please contact us to learn more.

除Classic Collection及Premium Collection外,我們亦有其他高品質進口皮革可供選擇,例如日本及英國馬臀革,詳情請向我們查詢。

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All leather goods are sewed using saddle double-stitch technique, but not by machine. The hand sewed stitches are tighter than those by a sewing machine, making the leather good much more durable.