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Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag
Tassels Tote Bag

Tassels Tote Bag

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NINOX Leathercraft was founded in Hong Kong in 2014 and now has relocated to Toronto. All leather products are handmade with a focus on simple design. Different color combinations are used to add a touch of beauty to everyday essentials.

Attention: Each piece of leather has its own unique growth patterns, insect marks, and scars. Those who cannot accept these natural imperfections or are perfectionists, please consider carefully before purchasing.

NINOX Leathercraft於2014年創於香港,現已搬遷至多倫多。所有皮具產品全人手製造,並以簡單設計為主,不同顏色的配搭,讓沉悶的生活必需品加上一份美感。


【Product Details 產品詳細】

〔Product Name 作品名稱
Tassels Tote Bag 流蘇托特包

〔Compartments 間隔
One inner pocket. The tassel part is removable and can be added or removed at any time, making it suitable for different occasions and styles.

-〔Size 尺寸]
28 x 10 x 35cm(人手測量可能存有輕微誤差 There may be slight manual measurement errors)

〔Materials 材料
Italian Conceria Walpier Buttero vegetable-tanned leather and French Fil Au Chinois linen thread.
意大利Conceria Walpier Buttero植鞣革,法國Fil Au Chinois手縫麻線

Made with Italian Conceria Walpier Buttero vegetable-tanned leather and French Fil Au Chinois hand-sewing linen thread. The high fiber density and durability of Buttero leather make it a great choice for leather goods, and the factory-dyed colors are even and consistent. The leather has a smooth and soft surface, making it the perfect choice for those who are looking for a refined and delicate touch.

以意大利Conceria Walpier Buttero雙肩植鞣革及法國Fil Au Chinois手縫麻線製作。Buttero皮革纖維密度高,而且耐用,廠染顏色均勻。皮革表面光滑柔軟,給追求細膩觸感的你最佳選擇。

〔Leather color 皮革顏色+ Thread color 縫線顏色〕
1. Ink 墨黑色+Noir 黑色
2. Foresta 深咖啡色+Lichen 灰啡色
3. Walnut 胡桃啡色+Lichen 灰啡色
4. Brick 磚啡色+Beige 淺啡色
5. Khaki 淺卡其色+Beige 淺啡色
6. Natural 原色+Natural 麻白色
7. Wine 酒紅色+Brique 紅色
8. Pine 松綠色+Jade 草綠色
9. Midnight 夜藍色+Blue 靛藍色

***If you wish to choose other thread colors, please indicate it in the order notes, thank you! 如欲選擇其他線色,請在下單時備註列明,謝謝!***


PS1: Natural leather will become darker over time (becoming a honey color), and will have a stronger leather smell and texture. :)

PS2: There may be slight color differences between the photos and the actual product. The pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual item received for the color. Thank you for your understanding!

-〔Free Service 免費服務〕
For orders of this NINOX Leathercraft leather product, you can enjoy free personalized hand-stamping service. Please clearly indicate the content and location of the stamping in the order, otherwise, we will not be able to stamp it. (Within 10 letters, the font height is about 3mm, and you can choose uppercase letters/numbers/spaces). As it is a hand-stamping service, it may not be as perfectly neat as a machine. We hope you enjoy the unique craftsmanship and personal touch.

現訂購這款NINOX Leathercraft皮製品,可免費享有人手壓字服務,請在下單時,在訂單中清楚註明壓字內容及位置,否則無法印字。(10字母以內,字體高度約3mm,可選大寫英文字母/數字/空白)由於是人手壓印,無法像機器般完美整齊,希望你也喜歡這種手造的溫度。


【Add-on 加購項目】

〔Payment Method 付款方式
We offer instant checkout on our website and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
網站內即時結帳,支援Visa、Master、American Express、Apple Pay及Google Pay。

〔Lead time and Delivery Method 製造及收貨方式
Our products are handmade in Canada and take approximately 30-45 days to produce. Please also allow additional time for shipping (as indicated in the table below). Please note that actual delivery time may vary due to other factors, and all shipping risks are the responsibility of the buyer.

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